A Song for Tim Shieff

Every night in your dreams
Fish see you, Fish fear you
That is how you know you do wrong
From across the YouTubes
And screensies between us
You have come to show you are lost
When you, fast, you literally starve
Drinking piss does not recycle proteins

Once more just go plant strong
But you need to carb up and
So gains can go on and on

Veganism can touch us one time
And lasts for a lifetime
And never go back to carnism

What did the fish do to you?
One true time you knew what to do
Now there’s no I or Tim in ETHCS…

Water, fasting, however long
I believe that not eating does you harm (fasting 35 days doesn’t work bro)
Once more, is all we ask for
And get help with your gut health
Your health can go on and on

Tim-othy, there’s nothing about meat
And I know that your heart can go on
Please rethink your ethics that way
You can save many lives and your health can improve on plants

This is the music to sing along with [not my video, obviously].