Cabbage Monster

Cabbage Monster
Cabbage Monster, 2015
14 W x 11 H x 0.2 in

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The Cabbage Monster painting was inspired by a slice of cabbage that had the likeness to that of a face. It began as a simple doodle in a sketchbook before becoming rather grotesque leading to it becoming an idea for painting. Other creatures and objects in the painting were ideas that came into mind whilst drawing. It was created in bright vivid colours with the intention of a surreal and psychedelic vision experience.

Keywords: Psychedelic, Rainbow, Vision, Trippy, Cabbage, Mania, Crazy, Disease, Dream, Hallucination, Monster

Styles: Surrealism, Abstract

Materials: Acrylic paint on Canvas

Cabbage Monster
Cabbage Monster by Phil Griffiths, 2015

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