Garden of Vegan

Garden of Vegan
Garden of Vegan, 2018
31.6 H x 23.7 W x 0.8 in

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Inspired by the vegan lifestyle and the animal rights movement.

Within the painting are elements to create a sense of a fantasy or dream-like world. There are giant mushrooms and broccoli depicted as trees which may symbolise the abundance of plant-based foods available.

The massive smiling sunflower makes everything else in the scene seem very small by comparison. The sunflower represents the all-important sun that is necessary for life on Earth. The human sitting in the painting is also very small and this puts him at the same level as the animals. The animals can all be seen as friends in the garden.

In the sky within the vegan bubble, just below the rainbow you can see the spirits of Cecil (the Lion) and Harambe. Their lives were lost because of human interference but their lingering presence can bring about various feelings through contemplation of their demise.

I hope viewing the painting will bring people pleasure and the ability to see the animals in a new light. Rather than seeing animals as food, see them as friends, and with a sense of compassion.

Keywords: Garden of Vegan, Vegan, Vivid, Bright, Animal Lover, Cecil, Animals, Broccoli, Cecil the Lion, Garden, Harambe, Mushrooms

Styles: Fine Art, Illustration, Realism, Surrealism

Materials: Acrylic paint on Canvas

Garden of Vegan
Garden of Vegan by Phil Griffiths, 2018

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