Jumanji the Fennec Fox

Jumanji the Fennec Fox
Jumanji, 2018
12 W x 12 H x 0.7 in

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The inspiration to create this painting came from the pictures online of this adorable little cutie named Jumanji. He is a Fennec Fox who has been living on a plant based diet under the care of vegan activist Sonia Sae. There had been a lot of fake news going around online about this Fox and I wanted to do something positive to show my support.

Keywords: Cute animal, Vegan Fox, Cute, Jumanji, Animal, Fox, Fennec fox

Styles: Fine Art, Realism, Portraiture, Illustration

Materials: Acrylic paint on Canvas

Jumanji the Fennec Fox by Phil Griffiths, 2018

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