Benji, the Rescued Calf

After seeing a lovely photograph of Benji on Instagram, I decided to do a painting and used it as the reference to paint from.

Benji the rescued calf painting by Phil Griffiths
Benji, the 114th calf to be saved by the rescue!

Now for a little background story

Benji was rescued by Chantelle (who is@timepoorvegan). Benji was #114 of their calf program, one of the lucky ones and so he gets to live out his life to the fullest!

For most of these animals, the dairy industry causes a lot of suffering. Female cows typically become successors of their mothers and live a couple of years under the same way, in a life of exploitation. The male calves get taken to the slaughter within weeks after they are born. The dairy industry considers them to be a waste product: unable to produce milk and therefore killed for their flesh. All for profit. Cows are killed in production of dairy and this is why vegetarianism isn’t enough. We have access to so many alternatives now in 2018, so it makes no sense not to go vegan when it is unnecessary to use animals. Why is this still happening?

Watch this video to learn MORE (About the Dairy Industry!)

Here is a brilliant video by Erin Janus to explain the whole dairy industry in 5 minutes!

You can watch it embedded here or externally via YouTube by following this link: DAIRY IS SCARY!

Dairy is Scary! The industry explained in 5 minutes by Erin Janus.

Jumanji, the Fennec Fox

Jumanji the Fennec Fox painting by Phil Griffiths
Jumanji the Fennec Fox lives with vegan activist Sonia Sae and thrives on a vegan diet!

There has been a lot of fake news and online hate towards Sonia Sae so my hope with painting Jumanji was to bring some joy through my art.

Thank you so much for all the activism you do for the animals.

Sonia Sae on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube.